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The Secret of Happiness

Contentment is the king of all virtues. A contented man lives naturally peaceful life. Remain happy with what is available and at the same time keep trying for better.


Tolerance does not mean to suppress something. Suppression is a negative energy which causes stress. In time anything that is suppressed rebound.

To tolerate means to accept through understanding. Acceptance is a change in my internal attitude towards that which I feel I need to tolerate. Tolerance is actually about respecting the differences I see.

First I have to learn to tolerate my own inner reactions. This can only happen when I learn to disengaged from the thoughts and feelings creating my inner reaction.

I am not my thoughts or feelings, they are my creation, thus I am able to separate myself from them if I wish.

If I can take a second to step back and become an observer of the drama that is going on within, then I will have the opportunity to see it from another perspective, and so understand and accept it.

Make a friend of the power to tolerate.


Imagine you are walking along a crowded platform in a train station.

You know that where you want to go to is the other end of the platform where your train is waiting. You don’t stop and talk to anyone on the way. If you did you would be delayed. You would fail to arrive at your train if you interacted with everyone on a platform that is continuously filled with new people. Meditation is exactly like this. Just as you cannot empty the platform of people just because you have a train to catch, you cannot just empty your mind of all thoughts just because you want to get to the destination (goal) or seat of your inner peace. Not at least until you are able to practise meditation correctly.

Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your memories, you are not any of the voices in your head. You are the creator and they your creation, but they are not you. In fact they represent a platform of absolute strangers.

Soul Sustenance

The Relationship Between Virtues And Vices

When we are internally strong, our nature characteristics and skills are reflected, from inside us to the outside, to everyone we interact in, in the form of virtues. If we are internally weak, those same traits emerge and radiate as vices. Vices are just qualities or virtues that have lost their focus and strength. For e.g. if we take the quality of love – when a strong soul radiates love, it is unlimited and without any conditions. Such a soul respects and has good wishes for everything and everyone and under all circumstances, irrespective of whether love and respect is coming from the other side or not. When a weak soul radiates love, he/she tends to restrict the love to limits e.g. the love would vary from person to person and from situation to situation. In a sense, if spiritual might (strength) and spiritual light (understanding or knowledge) are taken away from the virtues, they get transformed into the six vices, which make us spiritually unhealthy or weak: 

Ego – developing an image of the self that is false, temporary or imaginary.
Greed – finding short term fulfillment by acquiring material goods, a role in society or money or through the physical senses – eyes, tongue, ears, etc.
Attachment – finding security by developing a feeling of possessiveness over loved ones and material objects.
Lust – using excessive satisfaction through the senses as a means of fulfillment.
Anger – the feeling of hatred and revenge when any of the other vices are threatened or being taken away from us.
Laziness – becoming inactive on a spiritual, physical or mental level.

Message for the day 

The one who wins over situations with the power of one’s own stage is a winner.

When difficult situations come our way, it is usually our own stage that is affected. We feel disheartened, or frustrated which makes us feel helpless in the situation. We can, then, do nothing to bring about any change and lose out to the situation.

Whenever a difficult situation comes our way, we need to remind ourselves that the situation is here only for a short time as a test for our own stage and to give us a chance to progress. This thought will help us be stable in the worst situations and will enable us to learn from what has happened in order to improve ourselves.

Source:  Tony Robbins – The Secret of Happiness