Google Launches Invite System For Early Glass Explorers And Preps Updated Hardware


Hey Google Glass Explorers, Google thinks you’re keen. Really, they do.

So much so in fact that the company has been quietly working on an updated version of the Glass hardware, and those of you who shelled out $1,500 to be among the first to support the project will be able to swap your existing units for the second revision for free.

Of course, Google Glass is still a ways off from its general launch date — expect it to land some time in 2014 on some sort of Google barge — so naturally Google is gearing up to expand its pool of guinea pigs Explorers. To that end, existing Explorers will have 14 days to choose three acquaintances who are worthy of paying $1,500 for Google Glass.

But let’s back up for a moment. What exactly makes this new iteration so special? So far it seems like a pretty…

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