Crawling Phallus

Crawling Phallus  


Geoduck clam shell ranges from 15 – 20 centimeters in length, but the «neck» or siphons can be 1 meter in length. They are one of the longest-living organisms in the Animal Kingdom. The oldest recorded specimen was 168 years old, but individuals over 100 years old are rare. A female geoduck produces about 5 billion eggs in her century-long lifespan—in comparison, a human female produces about 500 viable ova during the course of her life.
Today, they sell in East Asia for up to US$370 per kg. The geoduck’s high market value has created an $80 million U.S. industry, with harvesting occurring in both Washington state and the province of British Columbia. The world’s first geoduck fishery was created in 1970.

Almost nobody can look at a geoduck with­out giggling.
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  Living geoduck is displayed in Chinese

 restaurants in Hong Kong

It is very popular in China, where it is considered a delicacy, mostly eaten cooked in a Chinese style. In Korean cuisine, geoducks are eaten raw with spicy chili sauce, sautéed, or in soups and stews. In Japan geoduck is prepared as raw sashimi, dipped in soy sauce and wasabi. On Japanese menus, geoduck is called mirugai or mirukuigai.

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Geoduck enclaved in endive lettuce


Geoduck soup
Mirugai Sashimi
With mushrooms abalone and asparagus 

Geoduck is displayed in Asian markets
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Deep Diggers catch geoducks in Seattle USA
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