Las Falas celebrated in Spain

این نمایش پرده‌ای نیاز به جاوااسکریپت دارد.


Every year on the occasion of the late winter and spring, from 15 to 19 March in Valencia (Valencia) is celebrated by burning wood and rocket game.
Is one of the most beautiful and most incredible celebrations.
In this celebrated sculpture made ​​of wood, cardboard, thick … Interesting shapes of cartoon characters, strange figures, political figures and … Be burned.
People jump over the flames dance and the joy that is in the same event last Wednesday.
In these days of celebration at 8 am with a parade of bands and drum and bugle sound starts in the streets.
On the nights of the young and old Valencia fireworks are along the river.
History of the celebration, is medieval.
When your waste industrial sites, such as:
Wood and paper trash poured some of this waste was collected.
At the end of winter to celebrate the arrival of spring burning.
The waste forms were made ​​with a little carpentry.
People, in particular to the shapes they had any, they were wearing a dress.
Even they were painted.
Over time, it became customary to be a beautiful celebration.