Hottest spot on Earth

این نمایش پرده‌ای نیاز به جاوااسکریپت دارد.


Lut Desert, 80 km north Shahdad, a hill full of lava with an area of 480 square kilometers.

Another name for it is roasted wheat or burnt sand.

Earth is the hottest temperature of 67 degrees Celsius in the shade! The wheat grill space over 200 km and 150 km wide, has no stream of life.

Define conditions, addition plants and animals, bacteria can not survive. As a result, corpses do not decomposing, solely on as the effect solar radiation dried.

Prior to the discovery of the region by Professor Kardavani, it was thought that the Libyan Sahara in northern Africa, with 57.7 degrees Celsius, the hottest ground.

But now the wheat grill is the hottest planet.

If you are planning a trip to the pole Thermal the planet between October to April there to traveling.