The girl virginal accede to the prostitution sake assistance to the poor

این نمایش پرده‌ای نیاز به جاوااسکریپت دارد.

Brazilian girl’s virginity is going to make a great home for the poor selling prices.

She is a student. She admitted receiving money in exchange for the cost of building a great home for the city’s poor, her virginity sold to the highest bidder.

«Katarina» 20-year-old has set a base price of this auction to 155 thousand dollars.

She was created by a group of Australian documentary film called «virginity» is selected.

Her criticism that prostitutes have rejected him, saying:

Believes in love, but she is doing something that will change her world.

She is a student of physical education and says:

It’s going to look like a bargain now, with the money earned from it will do a good job. Once I do that, I will become a prostitute.

Just like a person who is a wonderful picture, not necessarily a professional photographer.

She said in her interview:

This auction is only one deal. Basically, I’m a girl absolutely pathetic and I believe in love.

The girl, who is of Italian origin, was introduced two years ago in an ad group.

They were looking for a Virgo girl, who wants to auction her virginity on their documentary! «Katarina» registered and approved.

«Katarina» for the film 20 thousand dollars to be the wage.

Of the total amount he will receive 90% .