Burning Man, the holiday is celebrated every year in America!

این نمایش پرده‌ای نیاز به جاوااسکریپت دارد.


Burning Man, the holiday is celebrated every year in America!

Silver State of Nevada in the United States is known for its desert climate, the largest economy on gambling and casinos are known. Neighboring states, including California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Oregon are.

According to Reuters, Nevada every year, a festival called «Burning Man Festival» is held where thousands of people from around the world come together to celebrate the best of the festival and will perform traditional ceremonies.

The festival is named after a specific theme each year, strange rituals and customs are applicable.
When the event begins August 25 and continues until August 31.
This year’s festival on Saturday 5 finishes.
This year’s theme «Fertility» was.

At the beginning of the ceremony, people are willing to volunteer for the event to fire.
Among them is the choice of the individual to draw.
Into a furnace of fire and hot Gzaz·h fling.
Gradually, the smell of burning flesh fills everywhere.

I did a research on the internet, why do not fully understand.
But this much to say:
A person can choose to burn, from the perspective of the person who is extremely lucky.
Because they believe that, in the event the person is burned completely forgiven and sins will be deleted.

There are no rules in this festival.
Only 8 days of a particular denomination together and live in the desert.
During the eight days of happiness together, dancing, dancing, and fireworks are busy.
Living with little food.
Is drawn to the desert come a long distance on foot.

Of course is to be mentioned:

A condition of staying in the desert next to these ignorant people, the more you are naked.
I can not view the images in this email, I will bare.
However, we will show you pictures limit: