Soltanieh Dome, Abhar, Iran

گنبد سلطانیه


Soltanieh Dome, Abhar, Iran


Soltaniyeh (Persian: ‎, also Romanized as Solţānīyeh, Solţāneyyeh, Sultaniye, and Sultānīyeh; also known as Sa‘īdīyeh) is a city in and capital of Soltaniyeh District of Abhar County, Zanjan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 5,684, in 1,649 families. Soltaniyeh, located some 240 kilometres (150 mi) to the north-west of Tehran, used to be the capital of Mongol Ilkhanid rulers of Persia in the 14th century. Its name translates as «the Imperial». In 2005, UNESCO listed Soltaniyeh as one of the World Heritage Sites. The road from Zanjan to Soltaniyeh extends until it reaches to the Katale khor cave.

William Dalrymple notes that Öljaitü intended Soltaniyeh to be «the largest and most magnificent city in the world» but that it «died with him» and is now «a deserted, crumbling spread of ruins.»

Dome of  Soltaniyeh
The central magnet of Soltaniyeh’s several ruins is the Mausoleum of Il-khan Öljeitü (Persian اولجايتو) also known as Muhammad Khodabandeh, traditionally known as the Dome of Soltaniyeh.

The structure, erected from 1302 to 1312 AD, has the oldest double-shell dome in Iran. This erroneous view of the construction was made by Dieulafoy but is totally disputed by Andre Godard. In Godard’s view it is a normal, if spectacularly large dome, with a thin skin on top for the faience and is in no way a double dome. Its importance in the Muslim world may be compared to that of Brunelleschi’s cupola for Christian architecture. It is one of the largest brick domes in the world, just at the theoretical engineering limit for a brick dome and the third largest dome in the world after the domes of Florence Cathedral and Hagia Sophia. The Dome of Soltaniyeh paved the way for more daring Iranian-style cupola constructions in the Muslim world, such as the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi and the Taj Mahal. Much of its exterior decoration has been lost, but the interior retains superb mosaics, faience, and murals. People have described the architecture of the building as “anticipating the Taj Mahal.”

The estimated 200 ton dome stands 49 meters (161 ft) tall from its base, and is currently undergoing extensive renovation.

Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf, Iran


 Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf, Iran


Beautiful Country old my Iran! With countless ancient works and landmarks, unknown to the world.
Here is just a small island! But extremely attractive, illustrated briefly introduced.
I hope you like.


Harbor Laaft in northwestern of Qeshm Island

Village of Laft on Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf.

Harbor Laaft in northwestern of Qeshm Island


Salt cave in Qeshm Island

163053_292 Salt cave on Qeshm Island t1_902

Column Memorial Cemetery British in Basaedo of Qeshm Island

( The soldiers in south of the Contry Iran since their occupation by belligerent forces Great Britain, were killed )

Column Memorial Cemetery British in Basaedo of Qeshm Island

These potholes openings harbor Laaft, in northwestern of Qeshm Island

These potholes openings  harbor Laaft, in northwestern of Qeshm Island

The historic city of harireh in Qeshm Island

The historic city of harireh on Qeshm Island

Mosques and shrines in Qeshm Island

Mosques and shrines on Qeshm Island

Inscriptions in Qeshm Island

1237 1240

The mountainous gorge in Qeshm Island

قشم QeshmIsland

Kharbas cave! cave fifteen kilometers Qeshm to towards the village Kharbas and the village Dargahan is located

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And many other beautiful and spectacular monuments and wonderful ….

Our ancestors were very artistic and tasteful. They works very precious legacy laid for our!

Pearl Palace sell




Pearl Palace sell


Unfortunately! The new government in Iran;

Pearl Palace (Palace of the Princes Shams Pahlavi, Shah of Iran) sell. This building was named one of the world’s greatest architects, Frank Lloyd

Wright built.

The palace is part of the National Iranian values​​, which should be included in the list of the country’s cultural heritage.

Pearl Palace, in the city of Karaj, Alborz Province, Iran.



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The Secret of Happiness

Contentment is the king of all virtues. A contented man lives naturally peaceful life. Remain happy with what is available and at the same time keep trying for better.


Tolerance does not mean to suppress something. Suppression is a negative energy which causes stress. In time anything that is suppressed rebound.

To tolerate means to accept through understanding. Acceptance is a change in my internal attitude towards that which I feel I need to tolerate. Tolerance is actually about respecting the differences I see.

First I have to learn to tolerate my own inner reactions. This can only happen when I learn to disengaged from the thoughts and feelings creating my inner reaction.

I am not my thoughts or feelings, they are my creation, thus I am able to separate myself from them if I wish.

If I can take a second to step back and become an observer of the drama that is going on within, then I will have the opportunity to see it from another perspective, and so understand and accept it.

Make a friend of the power to tolerate.


Imagine you are walking along a crowded platform in a train station.

You know that where you want to go to is the other end of the platform where your train is waiting. You don’t stop and talk to anyone on the way. If you did you would be delayed. You would fail to arrive at your train if you interacted with everyone on a platform that is continuously filled with new people. Meditation is exactly like this. Just as you cannot empty the platform of people just because you have a train to catch, you cannot just empty your mind of all thoughts just because you want to get to the destination (goal) or seat of your inner peace. Not at least until you are able to practise meditation correctly.

Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your memories, you are not any of the voices in your head. You are the creator and they your creation, but they are not you. In fact they represent a platform of absolute strangers.

Soul Sustenance

The Relationship Between Virtues And Vices

When we are internally strong, our nature characteristics and skills are reflected, from inside us to the outside, to everyone we interact in, in the form of virtues. If we are internally weak, those same traits emerge and radiate as vices. Vices are just qualities or virtues that have lost their focus and strength. For e.g. if we take the quality of love – when a strong soul radiates love, it is unlimited and without any conditions. Such a soul respects and has good wishes for everything and everyone and under all circumstances, irrespective of whether love and respect is coming from the other side or not. When a weak soul radiates love, he/she tends to restrict the love to limits e.g. the love would vary from person to person and from situation to situation. In a sense, if spiritual might (strength) and spiritual light (understanding or knowledge) are taken away from the virtues, they get transformed into the six vices, which make us spiritually unhealthy or weak: 

Ego - developing an image of the self that is false, temporary or imaginary.
Greed - finding short term fulfillment by acquiring material goods, a role in society or money or through the physical senses – eyes, tongue, ears, etc.
Attachment - finding security by developing a feeling of possessiveness over loved ones and material objects.
Lust - using excessive satisfaction through the senses as a means of fulfillment.
Anger - the feeling of hatred and revenge when any of the other vices are threatened or being taken away from us.
Laziness - becoming inactive on a spiritual, physical or mental level.

Message for the day 

The one who wins over situations with the power of one’s own stage is a winner.

When difficult situations come our way, it is usually our own stage that is affected. We feel disheartened, or frustrated which makes us feel helpless in the situation. We can, then, do nothing to bring about any change and lose out to the situation.

Whenever a difficult situation comes our way, we need to remind ourselves that the situation is here only for a short time as a test for our own stage and to give us a chance to progress. This thought will help us be stable in the worst situations and will enable us to learn from what has happened in order to improve ourselves.

Source:  Tony Robbins – The Secret of Happiness

Topkapı palace HAREM

Topkapı palace HAREM

The Imperial Harem of the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) composed of the wives, servants (both female slaves and eunuchs), female relatives, and concubines, occupying a secluded portion of the Ottoman imperial household. This institution played an important social function within the Ottoman court, and demonstrated considerable political authority in Ottoman affairs.

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There are times when we are shy to express our love for fear of embarrassing the other person or embarrass ourselves hesitate to say «I love you» and try to communicate the idea in other words.
We say, «Take care» «Do not drive fast,» «Be good» «No fumes». But these really are different ways to say «I love you» «You’re important to me» «I care what happens to you» «I want you to be wrong.» We are sometimes very strange. The only thing I want to say and the only thing to say is the only thing to say NO NO dare to say it. And yet because the feeling is real and the need to say is so strong we use other words and signs to say what we really mean. And many times the meaning never communicated at all and the other person feels ignored and unloved. So we must LISTEN TO LOVE in the words that other people tell us. Sometimes the explicit words are necessary, but more often the way of saying things is even more important. A nickname that lovingly carries more affection and love that the feelings are expressed so insincere An impulsive kiss hug or say «I LOVE YOU» even though the words say something different. Any expression of a person’s concern for another says «I love you». Sometimes the expression is vulgar sometimes even cruel. Sometimes we must look and listen very carefully to the love they contain. But very often it is there under the surface. A mother may nag her son constantly about his grades or for not cleaning his room. The son may hear only the nagging, but if you listen carefully you will hear the love underneath the nagging. His mother wants him to do the right thing to be successful. Unfortunately their concern and love for his son emerge in his scolding. But it is also love. A daughter returns home late after his father’s permission and confronted with bitter words. The daughter may hear only the anger, but if you listen carefully if you really listen you will hear the love under the anger. «I was worried about you,» says the father «because I care and because I love you.’re Important to me.» We say «I love you» in many ways: With birthday gifts with little notes and drawn with smiles and sometimes with tears. Sometimes we show our love when we remain silent without a word and sometimes even talking abruptly. Many times we have to show love by forgiving someone who has not listened to the love we have tried to express, and we still only understand and expect to hear … The situation is that love does not always understand the language of love that the other person is using. A girl may use tears or emotions to say what you mean and her boyfriend may not understand her because he expects her to speak the language of it. We must therefore strive Play Love Actually The truth is that people in our world we rarely hear each other. We heard the words but did not hear in the actions that accompany those words or other factions. People just listen rejection or misunderstanding. They see the love that is there under the surface even when the words sound bitter. We love to listen to those around us. If we listen carefully we will discover that we are much more loved than we think. Listen to love and discover that after all the world is a loving place.

LOVE is happy.
It makes us laugh.
It makes us sing.
It makes us look for a reason.
It makes us mourn.
It makes us ask.
It makes us give.
But above all things.
It makes us LIVE.

Not the presence or absence of people that makes the difference because a person can not be lonely even when alone. Sometimes it is good to be alone. But that does not make us lonely.
It is not a matter of being present WITH someone. The matter is to be present TO someone.
So remember: If you love someone tell them. Remember to always say what you feel. Never be afraid to express yourself.
Take this opportunity to tell someone what they mean to you. Seize the day and have no qualms. And the most important thing. Stay close to your real friends and your family because it helped you become the person you are today and that’s the most important. You can pass this message to your friends in my particular case I wish to convey my love and express it in the same language of you my friends. I really love you and hear your love for me. The difference between expressing love and the bitterness is the bitterness that sometimes last longer.

<Via: Murli dhar Gupta <

عشق چیست؟




اي که‌ می‌پرسی‌ نشان‌ عشق‌ چیست‌
عشق‌ چیزی‌ جز ظهور مهر نیست
‌عشق یعنی مهر بی‌چون و چرا
عشق یعنی کوشش بی‌ادعا
عشق یعنی عاشق بی‌زحمتی
عشق یعنی بوسه بی‌شهوتی
عشق یعنی دشت گل کاری شده
در کویری چشمه‌ای جاری شده
یک شقایق در میان دشت خار
باور امکان با یک گل بهار
عشق یعنی ترش را شیرین کنی
عشق یعنی نیش را نوشین کنی

عشق یعنی این که انگوری کنی
عشق یعنی این که زنبوری کنی
عشق یعنی مهربانی در عمل
خلق کیفیت به کندوی عسل
عشق یعنی گل به جای خار باش
پل به جای این همه دیوار باش
عشق یعنی یک نگاه آشنا
دیدن افتادگان زیر پا
عشق یعنی تنگ بی ماهی شده
عشق یعنی ، ماهی راهی شده
عشق یعنی مرغ‌های خوش نفس
بردن آنها به بیرون از قفس
عشق یعنی جنگل دور از تبر
دوری سرسبزی از خوف و خطر
عشق یعنی از بدی ها اجتناب
بردن پروانه از لای کتاب
در میان این همه غوغا و شر
عشق یعنی کاهش رنج بشر
ای توانا ، ناتوان عشق باش
پهلوانا ، پهلوان عشق باش
عشق یعنی تشنه‌ای خود نیز اگر
واگذاری آب را بر تشنه تر
عشق یعنی ساقی کوثر شدن
بی پر و بی پیکر و بی سر شدن
نیمه شب سرمست از جام سروش
در به در انبان خرما روی دوش
عشق یعنی مشکلی آسان کنی
دردی از درمانده‌ای درمان کنی
عشق یعنی خویشتن را نان کنی
مهربانی را چنین ارزان کنی
عشق یعنی نان ده و از دین مپرس
در مقام بخشش از آیین مپرس
هرکسی او را خدایش جان دهد
آدمی باید که او را نان دهد
عشق یعنی عارف بی خرقه ای
عشق یعنی بنده ی بی فرقه ای
عشق یعنی آنچنان در نیستی
تا که معشوقت نداند کیستی
عشق یعنی جسم روحانی شده
قلب خورشیدی نورانی شده
عشق یعنی ذهن زیباآفرین
آسمانی کردن روی زمین
هر که با عشق آشنا شد مست شد
وارد یک راه بی بن بست شد
هرکجا عشق آید و ساکن شود
هرچه ناممکن بود ممکن شود
درجهان هر کارخوب و ماندنی است
رد پای عشق در او دیدنی است
سالک آری عشق رمزی در دل است
شرح و وصف عشق کاری مشکل است
عشق یعنی شور هستی در کلام
عشق یعنی شعر، مستی؛ والسلام


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